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We create with optimism.

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Start with a clear idea

Clear Idea Co. creates with optimism and puts pen to paper with purpose. We believe that organisations who care help build a better world, and we want to work with you in bringing your story to life and growing your following.

We'll work with you on storytelling, design and strategy to build something brilliant.

Your story starts with a clear idea.

Writing Supplies

Clear Messaging

Joseph is our Creative Copywriter: a passionate storyteller with six years of experience working across both the commercial and not-for-profit sectors. Joseph’s skill set includes concept creation, proposal writing, editorial work and social strategy. So far, he’s held the titles Creative Copywriter, Content Strategist, Marketing Consultant and Business Development Executive for agencies including GOOD, Green Chameleon, The House, Blue Stag and Proud Robinson + Partners. 

Across his six years of copywriting and creative work, Joseph’s worked with clients including Dogs Trust, Royal Horticultural Society, Burning Barn Rum, Time to Change Wales, Crisis Homeless Charity, Elrha, Youth Business Institute, Bath City FC, Classes Abroad and more.

He’d love to work with you too!

‘It's rare to find someone with Joseph's enthusiasm and passion. In my time working with him, he was collaborative, hard working and a total delight to be around. He is inherently creative, has a natural way with words and is brimming with brilliant ideas.’

- Isobel Boyce, Senior Copywriter, GOOD Agency

‘If ‘creativity is intelligence having fun’ then Joseph is perfectly suited – he blends intelligence with wit and has a keen eye for the story.'

- Graham Massey, Business Head, The House


Clear Visuals

Mazz is our Lead Designer: a creative, talented and driven designer with a love of collaborating with others to create great ideas. Over his 10 years of creative work, Mazz has turned his talents to graphic design, artworking, concept work and teaching courses in graphic design. Mazz has worked in a range of design roles for Kilimanjaro Live, Urban Outfitters, Bluw and The Boileroom (Guildford), as well as establishing his own freelance practice, where he designs and teaches.

Mazz’ work is eye-catching, characterful and exciting, having produced work for Pabst Blue Ribbon, MARA, Craig David, Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes, KERRANG!, Simply Red and many more!

Mazz is now turning his talents to work for businesses with purpose and we’re thrilled to have him on the team.


We offer


Copywriting, editing, proofreading.

Graphic Design

Illustration, animation, layout.

Concept Work

Big ideas to grow your business.


Setting the path to tell your story.